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The Making of Lionheart (the album)
ParT 1 // 24•NOV•2021

Whenever I write something, whether it be a melody or some words on paper, I always have a bigger version of what I’m creating, in my head.


I spent many years constructing these songs. Not just any songs, compositions that represent the loss of someone remarkable, the tears of my childhood, and the lifeblood of who I am. When they were finally ready I found myself asking, well what do I do next?


Well the answer.. was to find myself a producer that was able to connect on the level I required; someone who too could hear those chambers of sounds building inside of me and understand the incredibly personal and deep nature of the subject. Someone, who could help turn them into a reality.


Working with Damian Cafarella

When I walk into a studio with Damian Cafarella I know I’m going to get musical transparency, as well as a plethora of instrumentation and top-level engineering and mixing skills.

Damo’s the guy in the chair that wants to be involved with your songs. He wants what you want for them, and knows how to get this. 

He’s not afraid to give advice or offer recommendations, and always delivers respectfully and with confidence. At the same time he’s a strong listener, and ‘loves’ your ideas.

He’s also a highly-talented musician. Guitars, banjo, pedal steel, bass, drums, synth, samples.. you name it.. Damo’s all over it. It’s very inspiring to be around and makes you want to lift your own game.


On top of this, he’s a kick-arse recording and mixing engineer. You’ve heard the sounds of the Lionheart single already. That immense ambience and atmosphere. You’ve felt the soft touch, intensity and drive in Doin’ Time. These songs haven’t just been put through a sound-lab, they’ve been gifted with the life and talent of a remarkable musician and producer.


I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity of working with Damian on this record, and I can not wait for you to hear what we have created in its entirety.


Lionheart will be released this Friday 26th November on all digital streaming services, as well as CD and Vinyl formats.



In 2017 the world lost a great man.


His name was Robert John Cavill and he was my Dad.

When Dad was 39 he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was just 6 years old.


Lionheart is more than a tribute to my father and his extraordinary life. 

It’s a reflection of the heartache endured throughout my childhood and the healing required to accept the loss of such an influential figure.

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