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The Songs of Lionheart tells the story of how professional singer/songwriter and primary teacher, Chris Cavill, channeled his love for music in order to reflect and cope with the concepts of hardship, grief and loss.


The program aims to make connections between the emotional challenges students face and their educational learning.
Workshops are centred around the theme of songwriting encompassing a range of literacy, music and wellbeing topics. The Songs of Lionheart helps to build resilience, encourages students to express themselves and enhance their emotional intelligence, as well as develop critical language and music skills.
This is achieved through collaborative discussion in a safe environment whilst engaging in rich and meaningful learning experiences.

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There’s 3 things I’d always dreamt to be. A musician, teacher and father. 10 years ago part of this fate was determined when I stepped into a Primary School setting for the first time. I was employed as an Integration Aide, assisting students in the classroom who presented with exceptional needs. In the beginning, I had the privilege of working alongside a Year 6 boy with Cerebral Palsy. He had the most incredible personality and charm, and it was here in this moment that I knew this was something I was destined to do.


My aiding experiences lead me to pursue a career in education, all whilst starting a family and continuing to create and perform music.
4 years on, my university qualifications and experience would now allow me to lead a class of my own. I became heavily passionate and invested in student wellbeing, engagement and providing support for children facing challenging circumstances.


At the peak of my teaching I was also creating a new collection of songs to process the loss of my beloved father. Subsequently, the album Lionheart was born. I knew the songs I had constructed could positively impact young lives through literacy, music and wellbeing education, and therefore I was inspired to build a program that embraced this.

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  • 90-minute session

  • Up to 30 students or single class

  • Prep - Year 12

  • Minimum booking of 2 x 90-minute sessions required

What the session includes:​

  • A special and captivating live performance

  • Personal insight into Chris’ story

  • Visual breakdown of songwriting methods

  • Explicit teaching of songwriting techniques from a professional songwriter and experienced literacy teacher

  • Strategies to develop emotional resilience and nurture student well-being

  • Integration of key literacy, music and wellbeing concepts

  • A safe and positive learning environment

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Chris is passionate about sharing the Lionheart story and offers an optional presentation/performance for your school’s community that can be held from Monday to Friday in the evenings. 


He will perform a collection of songs from the album Lionheart whilst sharing the stories behind how they were created. This heartfelt presentation reveals the challenges Chris endured whilst growing up with a father battling the debilitating disease, MS, and how he has used music as a means to cope with his emotional pain.


The presentation is open to both students and parents, and is presented in a child-friendly manner.


Chris would also like to extend the opportunity for schools to nominate selected students to perform/present on the night and strongly encourages this. The presentation night comes at no extra cost and welcomes the idea of a gold coin donation for a school fundraiser or charity of your choice.

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